St. John’s Lutheran Burials

VolPgNoNameBirth DateBirth LocationDeath DateDeath LocationAgeDeath ReasonParentsColumn 12Column 13Column 14Column 15
1127127Acklmann, Bertha; nee Sexauer07 May 1860Elgin, IL30 Mar 188322child bed feverAcklmann, Wilhelm1 daughter left behind01 Apr 1883married 25 May 1882; confirmed 04 Apr 1875
212779Affeld, Ida Augusta Sophia04 Nov 1887Elgin, Ill.02 Mar 18883decrepid infant (wasting away)Edward & Henriette (Roloff) Affeld04 Mar 1888baptized 07 Nov 1887. Leaves behind parents, four siblings
112717Afrans, Sophia, nee: Wimfrom01 Jan 182907 Sep 1868of ClintonAfrans, JosephLeaves four children08 Sep 1868
2127127Albrecht, Johann17 Mar 1819Schabow, Mack. Schw.29-Dec-0283heart diseaseHirch, Friederike7 children, 4 died1-Jan-03Married 1846. Since 1864 in Dundee [?] & Elgin. 2 children died in Germany & 2 in America. Survived by 1 son, 2 daughters.
112793Albrecht, Simon Enverson08 Jan 1812Helgvland Switzerland24 Jul 187361dysenteryCarstenson, Hedwig4 children, 2 living25 Jul 1873married 26y; emigrated with wife 3 months ago
112796Albrecht, Wilhelm Christian05 Aug 18735dysenteryAlbrecht, Paul; Thiele, Marie08 Aug 1873
1127127Althan, Johanna Elisabeth29 Nov 187706 May 18785pneumoniaAlthan, Johann; Leikheim, Maria07 May 1878Baptised 03 Dec 1877
2127127Althen, Casper06 Jan 1840Hochelsheim, Wetzlar, Rogenwald Koblenz (?)19 Apr 189656nerve & lung feverMuller, Soph. Louise21 Apr 1896To America 1855, Two Rivers [WI], Sycamore [IL], 28 years in Elgin [IL]. Married in 1860. Leaves behind wife, 3 sons, 3 daughters.
1127123Althen, Fanny Adelaide; nee Landwehr15 Jan 1851Westphalia19 Sep 187423child bed feverAlthen, Kasper21 Sep 1874
1127127Althen, Johan Caspar26 Aug 187523 May 1876gingevitis/convulsionAlthen, Caspar; Muller Louise25 May 1876
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