Faith United Methodist Deaths

NameDeath DateCauseDeath LocationBirth DateBirth LocationAgeBurial DateCemeteryFuneral HomeBook Location
Ackeman, Christo03 May, 1925Elgin, Ill.Dundee Twsp.5606 May, 1925Bluff City CemeteryI. L. SchweitzerF. F. NorrisBk 2,Pg 82,Ln 18
Alberding, Inez Maria Lizzie11 Oct., 1895stomach failure1Bk 1, Pg.224, Ln. 14
Albrecht, Charlotta12 Feb, 1898Heart attack64Bk 1,Pg 227,Ln 11
Albrecht, Karl Louis20 Mar 1899Appendicitis8Bk 1,Pg 227,Ln 22
Amis, Helen Barbara16 Jan., 1929Elgin, Ill.July, 1928Elgin, Ill.119 Jan., 1929Elgin, Ill.I. L. SchweitzerWait and RossBk 2,Pg 83,Ln 35
Anderson, Mrs Elsie Caroline04 March, 1919Sherman Hospital, Elgin, Ill.06 Aug., 1895Elgin,IL2307 March, 1919Elgin,Ill Bluff City CemeteryF. F. JordanF. T. NorrisBk 2, Pg 80,Ln 6
Andresen, Russsel Wm.01 Oct., 1917at home in Elgin21 Sept., 1883Elgin,IL203 Oct., 1917Elgin, Ill.F. F. JordanJohn RossBk 2, Pg 79,Ln 17
Aurand, Minnie Eva28 Oct., 1920Elgin, Ill.20 Nov., 1919Elgin, Ill.1130 Oct., 1920Hampshire, Ill.F. F. JordanFredericks and CurtisBk 2, Pg 80,Ln 34
Aurand, Wesley Roy06 Dec., 1917at home in Elgin07 Nov., 1916Elgin,IL109 Dec., 1917Hampshire, Ill.F. F. JordanChambersBk 2, Pg 79,Ln 20
Baker, John03 Jan., 1929Elgin, Ill.15 April, 1853Hampshire, Ill.7506 Jan., 1929Hampshire, Ill.I. L. SchweitzerFrederick and MarchBk 2,Pg 83,Ln 29
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