Warner Monument Index


Walter Haertel started as an apprentice in his father's monument establishment at Forest Park, Illinois in 1890. In 1899, he and his brother William, founded the business in Dundee, Illinois. Walter later bought out his brother and expanded the business. Mr. Haertel seemed equally at home in both English and German as he wrote some purchase orders in one language and some in the other. Fred J. Knoll joined the firm as a salesman about 1911 and some orders after that date were written by him.

John Steven Warner, a quarry master who had been employed in a granite quarry in St. Cloud, Minnesota, moved to Chicago about 1935 and established a monument business there. In 1946 Warner acquired Walter Haertel's Dundee business. The original records from which these transcriptions were made are part of the business records of S. Warner and Sons. In 1995, the monument company joined Peter Troost Monument Company, the area's largest. The firm is now known as Warner & Troost Monument Company.

All original orders hand written in German script were transcribed by Helmuth Krueger. Helmuth's initials (H HAK) will be found on those pages.

Numbers after the name pertain to page numbers of the Warner Monument Co book in the Gail Borden Public Library at Elgin, Illinois.

NamePage No.
Abbott, Charles E.112
Abbott, Deloss W.112
Abbott, Eunice112
Abbott, H.T.112
Abbott, Joshua112
Abbott, Sophia112
Abel, Bertha, Mrs127
Abel, Julius127
Abraham, Wilhelmina H.127
Abraham, Wm. C.127