Strickman Marriages

The marriage information in this index is taken from a small black notebook that was kept by Justice of the Peace Abe Strickman. The marriages recorded cover the period between June 1932 and March 1955.

This index lists the names and ages of the bride and groom as well as their wedding date. Also included in Mr. Strickman’s notebook is the town of their residence and the witnesses to the marriage. Mr. Strickman’s notebook is in the collection at the Elgin History Museum.

Groom SurnameFirst NameAgeBride SurnameFirst NameAge Marriage Date
ACHILLI Sam 28BOHLIN Ruth2226-Sep-1942
ACKMAN William C. 72DRURY Bertha 5029-Oct-1949
ADAMCZYKFrank 30SKARBEK Rita 2129-Mar-1951
ADAMS Donald F. 34ADAMS Dorothy E. 2723-Dec-1950
ALLEMANN Paul G. 29GARNERLorraine 266-Jul-1946
ALLEN Russell L. 25HUTTJulia H. 2126-Jun-1942
ALLEN Raymond J. 46KRAMER Irene 4712-Aug-1954
AMIDONEarl R. 23WACKEROlga R. 2130-Jun-1937
ANDERSONClarence W. 38KENDALLBeatrice J. 3615-Apr-1939