Elgin Civil Court Divorce Records

The records in this index are held in the Elgin History Museum, 360Park St., Elgin, IL. (Phone: 847-742-4248, e-mail: Elgin History Museum). If you find your ancestor on the list, you may obtain copies of the divorce records by writing to the Museum or sending a query to the Elgin Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1418, Elgin IL 60121-1418. Before sending a query to the Elgin Genealogical Society please read our Research Assistance Policy

9866Aavang, Evelyn ElaineAavang, Daryle W.Divorce1948
57-80Abbott, BonnieAbbott, Robert C.Divorce1957
53-907Abbott, Bonnie JeanAbbott, Robert CharlesDivorce1953no decree
6972Abbott, EarlAbbott, ViolaDivorce1930
9859Abbott, Loretta A.Abbott, Kenneth L.Divorce1948
60-94Abbott, Nancy JoAbbott, Robert C.Divorce1960
59-49Abbott, Venita J.Abbott, Charles L.Divorce1959
24779Abell, Gideon H.Abell, GraceDivorce1899
6481Abendroth, Louis J.Abendroth, KatherineDivorce1928
9471Abendroth, MalissaAbendroth, LouisDivorce1946